Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, is very common among adults. It’s our lack of a proper routine hygiene regimen, which causes major gum disease on patients. Luckily at our family dentistry in Orleans, we offer ways to combat periodontal disease. 

What is non-surgical gum therapy?

Non-surgical gum therapy involves the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar which is present at and below the gum line. 

Why is non-surgical gum therapy important?

The negative effects of periodontal or gum diseases are not limited to the mouth. It has been observed that such diseases are equally harmful for the rest of the body, making it absolutely necessary to keep a keen eye on your gum health. You may not be able to notice early signs of gum disease at home because most of these diseases do not show prominent symptoms. By the time you realise the presence of a disease in your mouth, it may already have taken a strong hold of your health.

What are the types of non-surgical gum therapy?

  • Localized medication:

Once the area of bacteria and plaque accumulation below the gum line has been identified, medication may be administered directly into the affected areas as a first step toward thwarting the gum disease.

  • Curettage:

When your gum is diseased, the tissues around your tooth can show signs of chronic irritation and inflammation. In the process of curettage, we will remove the infected gum tissue so that new, healthy gum tissue can grow. 

  • Root-planing:

Sometimes, gum disease affects the surface of your tooth’s root. Root-planing is when we give your soft tissue a chance to heal from its disease by removing and smoothing small amounts of the infected root surface. 

The best way to deal with this problem, before it gains momentum and becomes harmful is by visiting our Orleans dental clinic for checkups and cleanings. Bad breath, bleeding gums and loose teeth are some of the possible symptoms of a periodontal disease. It is advisable that you see a dentist as soon as you face any of these problems. Non-surgical gum therapy offered by Orleans Gardens Dental Centre is aimed at identifying the root cause of the problem and removing it completely rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

Our renowned dentist, Dr. Thuy-Tu Nguyen and her team of hygienists will work towards making your mouth free of plaque and tartar through effective root planing and scaling.

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